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23 June 2021

Opinion: West is trying to evade responsibility for genocide of Belarusians

The collective West is obviously trying to evade responsibility for unleashing the genocide of Belarusian people, Oleg Dyachenko, a member of the Council of the Republic, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of Kuleshov Mogilev State University, told BelTA.

“ 22 June 1941 is a mournful date in the history of Belarusian people. The treacherous attack of Nazi Germany and its allies led to the total destruction of the country's economy. Civilians faced terror that was unprecedented in its scale. All in all, 9,200 Belarusian villages located in the occupied territories were burned by Nazi hit squads, of them over 5,000 villages were burned together with women, old people and children. In fact, every district of our country has its own Khatyn and its own Borki - sacred places of sorrow and pain of Belarusian people. The entire country is covered with memorials, single and mass graves. This tragedy took a heavy toll on the demographic situation, and we are still dealing with its consequences many decades after,” the senator noted.

According to him, the painstaking work to preserve and perpetuate the memory of the tragedy of the Great Patriotic War has never stopped. Archival materials are explored, reminiscences of eyewitnesses are recorded. “New evidence of Nazi crimes against civilians is being found and documented all the time, places of executions and burials of the Belarusian Holocaust victims are established. This spring we found five previously unknown single burials of local peasants shot by German executioners in one of the villages of Mogilev District in July 1942. And there are hundreds of such places, but unfortunately, not all war criminals received the punishment they deserved for their atrocities. Many of them fled to the near and far West, where the so-called mature democracies took them under their protection using various far-fetched pretexts and resorting to legal casuistry,” Oleg Dyachenko believes.

He is confident that today the country is again facing the treachery and hypocrisy of the collective West. “Pay attention: Belarus officially announced that it has enough evidence for official recognition of the genocide of Belarusian people during the Great Patriotic War and it is going to send the appropriate documents to an international tribunal. As soon as Belarus announced it, the West responded predictably with information and psychological warfare and economic sanctions. But we remember very well that 80 years ago it was the ‘united Europe' of that time led by Nazi Germany that unleashed a terrible war against our people. History repeats itself. Western politicians do not like to remember this today, so they got a move and, at the suggestion of new collaborators, are trying to change the agenda unleashing another hybrid war against the people of Belarus, imposing economic sanctions, blocking flights and spreading disinformation about our country. There is an obvious attempt by the collective West to evade responsibility for unleashing the genocide of Belarusian people during the Great Patriotic War and to avoid serious compensations to the families of the victims of the Belarusian Holocaust,” the senator said.


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