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23 September 2019

UPDATE 1-Production development program through 2025 worked out for Mogilev Oblast

The production development program through 2025 has been worked out in Mogilev Oblast, Mogilev Oblast Governor Leonid Zayats told the media after he delivered his report to Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko on 23 September, BelTA has learned.

“The program for 2019-2025 has been developed for all the districts of Mogilev Oblast. The program is aimed at increasing overall production, output and proceeds from the sales. This will help reached the [average] salary of at least Br1,000 in 2020,” the governor said.

In his words, this program does not only cover the agricultural sector. “This pertains to all economic entities of Mogilev Oblast. The goal is to secure the average salary of at least Br1,000 for every worker in Mogilev Oblast. The program has been developed by specialists, heads of Mogilev Oblast companies. It has been evaluated and adopted at the meetings of the district executive committees. It has also been discussed with all stakeholders at the session of the Mogilev Oblast Executive Committee and is the main guideline for further implementation,” Leonid Zayats said.

According to the governor, the meeting with the head of state highlighted strategic development and tactical approaches to the economic development of Mogilev Oblast and its economic entities. “The president has set a goal to ensure the economic growth of Mogilev Oblast,” he said. 

Aleksandr Lukashenko also set the task to ensure the strictest fulfillment of the necessary technological parameters in agriculture and animal husbandry, eliminate mortality and mismanagement, and use all reserves to boost the economy of the industry. “Today, large volumes [of agricultural products and foodstuffs] are shipped outside the country. It costs a lot of money. We can earn money on what we are losing today,” the governor said.

According to Leonid Zayats, work is underway to attract foreign direct investment in the region. 

A new draft decree has been prepared to spur the development of the south-eastern region of Mogilev Oblast (received a detailed look during the president's working trip in mid-August this year). “Together with the government, key ministries, district executive committees, we have updated the programs relating to the development of the south-eastern region. A draft decree has been prepared to amend the decree of 2015 [decree No. 235 of 8 June 2015 “On the social and economic development of the south-eastern region of Mogilev Oblast],” Leonid Zayats said. 

All legal acts have been prepared taking into account the peculiar features of the south-eastern territories, with parameters outlined and 2025 tasks set. “Plans are in place to build new production facilities, expand existing enterprises, increase the output of crop and livestock production, to reach specific economic indicators, which would help improve the living standards of residents of these territories,” the governor said. 

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